Thursday, 22 November 2012

Days of Blood and Starlight review

Days of Blood and Starlight

By Laini Taylor

Overall, this book was Absolutely Amazing. Yes, with two capital 'A's.
I read the first book in this series (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) not long ago although it definitely feels like it has been a very long time, and to be honest I was surprised at such innovative ideas. I liked how it hooked the reader on, and usually I don't particularly like the heroines of paranormal/fantasy/YA fiction books because the girl tends to be portrayed as the fragile, damsel-in-distress type but Karou was definitely anything but. A character of her own, not to mention her blue hair. 

After Book 1 I knew that Book 2 had a lot of expectations to live up to and I am glad to say it most certainly did. I seemed to fly through the book, which was good in that it did not distract me in my revision toooo much. However, it did mean that the book ended that much sooner. So now, I need to fill my time with other books (and revision) and try not to think too much about what the next book will hold...

*Spoiler Alert*
The only part I must say I was a leeetle bit disappointed in was that Brimstone did not return. Yes, I know what happened at the end of Book 1 but I still expected him to somehow (magicly?) reappear :(
But no worries, perhaps in book 3 he may do so, atleast that's what I'm hoping on...

Definitely well worth reading. If there is just one more book you intend to read in 2012 make sure it's this one!