Saturday, 2 March 2013

Review of Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows (Book #2 of the Ash Grove Chronicles)
By Amanda DeWees


Ash Grove High School senior Joy Sumner and her model boyfriend, Tanner Lindsey, have defeated Melisande, the supernatural seductress who almost ended his life. Now, however, they learn that their unborn child may have been corrupted by Melisande’s evil. Suddenly the council that patrols supernatural activity at Ash Grove High is taking much too close an interest in Joy’s baby, and Raven, Melisande’s former assistant, may have a hidden agenda behind his friendly overtures. And living as an engaged couple with Joy’s father is challenging in its own way, even before Dr. Sumner begins to immerse himself in mysterious research. As Joy’s due date approaches, everyone from nosy journalists to supernatural doppelgangers wants to get close to her, and she and Tanner must decide how to keep her and their unborn daughter safe.

Meanwhile, a disastrous lapse of judgment drives a wedge between Joy’s best friends, Maddie and William. William turns for solace to the growing success of his band, Aerosol Cheese, and the prospect of a new romance in a highly unexpected place. But as his star is on the rise, Maddie glimpses something diabolical in the works. Somebody or something is targeting musicians, and William may be the next in the crosshairs. Now that he’s put Maddie out of his life, can she warn him in time that he is in danger?

Source: Goodreads
My rating: 4.25/5

My Thoughts

After reading The Shadow and The Rose, I had the pleasure of reading the next book in the series; Casting Shadows. My favourite character in the last book was Joy’s best friend Maddie and I was happy to read more about her in Casting Shadows. I felt sorry for Maddie but proud of William for showing the world his talent and making the most of his potential. I am so glad Maddie finally realised that William is the one for her. Although it took her long enough :P

It was ironic that the star of this book was not the ex-celebrity Tanner but the new talent; William. Speaking of Tanner, I must admit I like him more in Casting Shadows than I did in Shadow & the Rose, where I felt he lacked backbone. In this book he is struggling but trying his best in leading a normal life, earning to support his expanding family, and passing the many tests Joy’s father is making him go through.

The next book in the series should hopefully answer the question around whether Joy’s baby has absorbed any of Melisande the succubus’ evil powers and I look forward to finding out!
And what a spectacular ending....I wonder whether Joy's dad was succesfull.....

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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