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Review of Master Over You

Master Over You: 
A Dark Romance Novel

By Cerys Du Lys & Ethan Winters


There's a monster in every closet, and I'm in yours.

My name is Noah. I'm not a nice person. This isn't cupcakes and candyland, love.

I'll take you, break you, and offer you to the highest bidder without a second thought. You're mine now. It's business, nothing personal. You wouldn't understand, and I'm not going to explain it. Sorry, love, you don't mean a thing to me. 

Just know that there's a monster in every closet, and I'm in yours. 

Author Note - This dark romance novel contains themes that may be discomforting to some people. If you are sensitive to depictions of violence, then this book is not recommended for you. 

(Ethan Winters official debut release co-authored with USA Today bestselling author Cerys du Lys) 

Man’s POV = Ethan, Woman’s POV = Cerys 

There is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, no matter how dim it may seem.

Source: Goodreads

My Rating: 4.6 / 5

My Thoughts:

**I received a free ecopy of this book through via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**

Disturbing, intense but mind blowing. Master over you is this and much more. I was warned before I read it that it is rather graphic and at first I thought it was an exaggeration, but after reading it I realised that this definitely needs a warning sign. There’s a lot of bad language so it’s definitely not for children.

Noah is a slave trafficker. He knows he's a monster but in his own mind there are worse monsters out there and its better him than them. He knows he does wrong but he still does it.

When he abducts Chastity White, I was imagining some sort of romance between the two that she'd end up being the girl that changes his way, and so on. But when Angeline turns up and kidnaps them both, now that was unexpected.

Angeline. My God, she is psychotic and crazy and obsessive, and so much more. One minute she's ripping off Noah's fingernails with some ancient mechanical device to punish him, and the next minute she's cuddling him and licking his blood off his wounds. She has a weird blood fetish and her sadistic nature was so creepy but utterly believable. This is probably because the story is told through all three characters' points of view and when Angeline's broken thoughts come across, it gave me the chills.

But there's more to Angeline than meets the eye and that back-story was epic. This book was written awesomely and I can imagine great things to come from these authors.

Zed (:

Favourite Quotes:

Sometimes it is easier to suffer than to die. I think it is because of hope. You do not have hope once you are dead, because you do not have anything. Who is to say that dying is less painful than living? We do not know. We will never know.

I am not responsible for anyone else’s actions. They must deal with their own consequences.

“Noah, you are incorrigible and rude.”
“You fucking kidnapped me. You bit me. You slammed my head against a fucking wall. What the fuck do you want from me, love?”

I’d probably find it attractive id she didn’t have me strapped to a chair after previously almost suffocating me. And biting me before that, slamming my head against a wall, knocking the air out of my lungs...
I don’t think Angeline and I are going to get along, and how cute she looks when walking on the balls of her feet isn’t going to change that, is basically what I’m saying here.

“We need to have a talk, Noah,” she says.
“What the fuck are we going to talk about, love?” I reply. Shit. That’s two things she hates in one sentence. She’s going to fucking drown me with orange juice now.

You either have a monster in your closet, or you are the monster in someone’s closet. There is nothing else. That’s the only rule in this fucked up game of life.

“Maybe it is easier if you hate me,” I say. “I think I will like it if you love me, though.”

On the bedside table, there’s a knife. Looks dangerous. Yeah, I just said that a knife looks dangerous. All knives are fucking dangerous, alright? A fucking butter knife can gouge your damn eye out. Don’t play around with this shit, kids. I’m a professional. I know things.

What I’m saying here is you can have a nice time with someone and it might turn out well in the end, but it’s not fucking magical. Love is bullshit.

Be kind to others, asshole. You believe in God? God wants you to be kind. You believe in Buddha? Yeah, he wants you to be kind, too. You believe in the goddamn power of the sun? The sun wants you to be kind. Even if you don’t believe in any of that shit, it’s a good fucking thing to be kind to other people. It’s called common fucking decency.

Trying is not doing, and doing is the only thing that matters in this sick fucking twisted rendition of the world.

It is wrong. He deserves punishment for what he did, and yet the only thing that happened to him was death?
Sometimes I do not think this world is a fair place. Sometimes I do not understand why he was allowed to die, but I was forced to live.

I fell in love with a  monster and she ate my fucking soul. I let her, though.

Shit changes, and then you do things because of the changes, and more shit happens, and then you forget how the fuck you used to be in the first place.

I don’t believe in prayer and hope, though. I believe in getting shit done. If I can save someone, I’ll fucking save them.
If I can’t, I’m sorry.

Enough of this sob story emotional bullshit, though. I’m an asshole. I’m not a nice person. I’m nice tonight, though. I’m nice for her.

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