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With this Curse review

With This Curse
By Amanda DeWees
In the tradition of Sea of Secrets comes a new historical gothic romance by Amanda DeWees, With This Curse.

In 1873 Cornwall, seamstress Clara Crofton gets a second chance at happiness... or peril. Eighteen years ago, the curse on Gravesend Hall killed the man she loved and forced her into a hostile world alone. Now she has the chance to return to Gravesend as the bride of the heir, Atticus Blackwood. But is the curse finished with Clara--or does it pose an even greater danger than before?
Source: Goodreads
My rating: 4.3/5
My Thoughts:
The main protagonist, Clara, used to work as a servant at Gravesend, whilst her mother was the housekeeper. There is a long curse on Gravesend so that anyone who lives there will lose what they love most. Just under 17 years old, Clara falls for Lord Telford’s youngest son, Richard, and their secret rendezvous, convinces her that he is just as much in love. Once the Lady of the house hears about their closeness she dismisses Clara of her duties and Clara is forced to leave Gravesend. A short while later, Richard dies and so the Gravesend curse causes Clara to lose what she loves most.
Many years later, Clara is approached by Richard’s twin brother, Atticus, who makes Clara an offer of marriage. But this isn’t a normal proposal because Atticus’s father is dying and to make his last days happier, Atticus decides to get married. Clara has never liked Atticus, mainly because Richard didn't like him when they were in love, and as a result, Clara is very suspicious about his true motives. To Clara, Richard is the hero, and Atticus is the evil brother, but we soon learn that not is all as it seems.
The arrangement between the two is more like a business arrangement because once Lord Telford dies, Clara is free to leave and Atticus promises that she will be provided for so that she wont need to work.
When Atticus approaches Clara for marriage, I had a feeling that Clara would fall in love with him but I wasn’t sure if he would like her in return but Atticus, it seems, was in love with Clara from her time as a servant.
Clara’s time as Atticus’ wife was fun to read, mainly because she used to be the servant of the house she becomes the head of. Her witty remarks and her easy banter made this book an easy read. There were many surprises, plenty of misunderstandings and for a while I feared that the curse would get Clara twice, but for once, we have a nice happy ending.
Zed (: 
Favourite Quotes:
“My Clara,” she said. “I shall miss you.” A quick, fierce embrace, and she whispered, “Be better than you have been, and be safe.”
I dropped my gaze to my cup and saucer as I fought for control over my emotions, and he said, “I discovered some time ago that if I couldn’t laugh at myself, every burden that life handed me would be all the heavier.”
Lukewarm water brought for washing. Mail “forgotten.” Gowns singed by the iron... no, that I had never done. Surly and rebellious though I had been at times, I would not have harmed an innocent garment- not unless it had first committed the cardinal sin of being ugly.
“But no one is safe from regret at any point in life. One may regret ordering lamb for dinner instead of mutton. All of life is a succession of risks, and each of us must judge for ourselves which risks are worth the taking.”
“Lord Telford,” I began, “I’m sure you’ll understand that to request to see such an intimate exchange-“
“Good God, woman, I’ve not asked you to strip naked. A kiss is nothing. Why, you kissed me on only the second time we met.”
I liked her more at that moment than at any time since meeting her. “My parents, rest their souls, were English.”
“Oh they were, were they? And just what do you know about them? Were they married? To each other?”

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