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Review of House of Korba

House of Korba 
(The Ghost Bird #7)

By C.L. Stone


It's homecoming week at Ashley Waters, but Sang Sorenson has a lot more on her mind than dresses and crowns. Silas's troubled past—full of secrets he and his team thought they'd buried—comes back to haunt him, threatening to ruin everything.

Silas tries to deal, but guilt weighs heavily on him and Sang realizes she might be the only one who can help him keep it together.

Bomb threats have increased. They are followed at every turn. The principal is resorting to drastic measures to make sure they're all going to be kicked out. Pushed to their limits, Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North, along with other members of the Academy, have finally had enough. This time, more Academy members are brought in to help hunt down the culprit, and keep everyone safe. It'll cost the boys, but in the end, even a bittersweet victory is better than disaster.

This time, they're getting what they need. All it takes is learning the line of when to let go, and when to never give up

The Academy, Together

Source: Goodreads

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

My Thoughts:

Every single time I read an Academy book by C.L. Stone I fall in love with the characters all over again. I love the concept of this girl that knows little to nothing about being normal because of her twisted mother who has always told her to never interact with strangers, especially boys, because they will hurt her. Sang's mother has scarred her, emotionally and physically, such that she believes it; until she meets the Academy boys. The boys change her beliefs and slowly she comes out of her shell. The only problem is that she's beginning to fall in love, with all nine of the boys in the academy 'family.' Sang knows this isn't 'normal' but she's never been like other girls and has no clue what normal is. The boys are falling in love with her too but they're conflicted because they're afraid of losing her and their academy family. Can they expect her to love them all?

House of Korba is Silas' story. We learn more about his blood family, and the secrets of his past. Dr Green mentioned in a previous book that they all came from broken families but it's still sad to learn about it.

Volto is back and he ends up helping sang. I'm trying to figure out who Volto is and as ive just finished reading 'liar' in the scarab beetle series, I suspect it might be Will?

One thing I missed in this book was reading about their general time in school. Due to the bomb threats, school was severely disrupted and although there were scenes related to school, such as football games and homecoming, the normality of classes was amiss. I also missed Sangs interaction with Karen and Rocky, they shared some amusing scenes in the last book.

In fact, I can't remember reading a scene with Marie, Sang's sister, present in the entire book. That was rather weird considering she's the only 'actual' family sang is in contact with, so you'd think she'd pop up somewhere, or that sang would think about her at some point, but no... That was probably my only real (but very minor) issue with this book. Given the family problems sang faced in the previous books, I found it odd and a little unrealistic that she had so little contact with any member from her actual family. I expected to hear from her father, stepmother or at least her sister in some way.

The only academy boy that irritated me was North. He's supposedly this big scary guy who is a softy at heart, but he comes across more creepy than sweet to me. The heart tattoo and the creepy stalker like watching was weird. I'm afraid he's beginning to bug me, but aside from that, loved this book as usual and I'm looking forward to the next book in April!

Zed (:

Favourite Quotes:

“Sang,” he bellowed into the phone. “I will shock who I want if I think they need it. Don’t let Silas intimidate you. Tell him to back off if you’re uncomfortable.”
“I’m uncomfortable with someone watching us without saying they’re going to do it and trying to shock other people, North.”

“Come on, Trouble. Let’s go before you start farting bunnies and rainbows or some shit.”

“When is it enough?” he asked. “We’re told to let go of the ones that don’t want help. How long do we try before we step back and let them do what they want? Before its hurting everyone else around you to keep that person around?”

He knew he had to work on that. Guilt was heavy to carry. Sometimes, you did have to let go.

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