Saturday, 21 February 2015

Review of Hidden Deep

Hidden Deep
By Amy Patrick



Give in to the Glamour...

Sixteen-year-old Ryann Carroll has just run into they guy who saved her life ten years ago. You might think she's be happy to see him again. Not exactly. She's a bit underdressed (as in skinny-dipping) and he's not supposed to exist.

After her father's affair, all Ryann wants is to escape the family implosion fallout and find a little peace. She also wouldn't mind a first date that didn't suck, but she's determined not to end up like her mom; vulnerable, betrayed, destroyed. Ryann's recently moved back to her childhood home in rural Missisippi, the same place where ten years earlier she became lost in the woods overnight and nearly died.

She's still irresistibly drawn to those woods. There she encounters the boy who kept her from freezing to death that long ago winter night and was nowhere to be seen when rescuers arrived. He's still mysterious, but now all grown-up and gorgeous too. And the more she's with him, the greater the threat he poses to Ryann's strict policy -- never want someone more than he wants you.

Source: Goodreads

My rating: 2.3 / 5
My Thoughts:

**I received a free ecopy of this book via NetGalley for an honest review.**

This was an okay-ish read, probably perfect for someone looking for a romantic and magical tale in time for Valentine's day, but not for me.

After a messy divorce Ryann and her mother move back with her grandmother in the house near the woods. During her long walks Ryann bumps into the boy who saved her life in the woods ten years ago, only to find that he's been waiting for her all these years. Lad had secrets that he cannot share with Ryann but he can't seem to stay away from her either. Soon enough their lives intertwine in more ways than their budding romance alone.

The storyline was way too sweet and cheesy for me. Firstly, I didn't care for the names of the main characters, and secondly it was painfully unrealistic. Lad's people use telepathy to communicate, yet he can confidently speak perfect English and blend in with the locals even though his people are literally worlds different?

Ryann obviously falls head over heels with him and tries to sacrifice her love for the greater good but manages to accidentally lead Nox on in numerous ways. I personally don't understand how she could maintain a best friend like Emmy with all the secrets she kept, it was too odd. 

In conclusion, this was not my kind of read, there was too much emotion being thrown around, I didn't care for it.

Zed (:

Likeable Quotes:

Never want anyone more than he wants you. You can have a man in your life, Ryann, but never need someone. Just let him be icing on the cake.

It was my worst nightmare and sweetest dream all mixed up into one tasty bite. So much for "icing on the cake." I'd let Lad become the whole dadgum dessert menu.


  1. I can’t understand how Ryann would be enticed by the woods after almost dying there. Doesn’t really sound like a normal teenage (or even human) response. Unless of course the story spends time developing this bit of the narrative, explaining the allure of the woods…

    Sounds like the plot is a tad too predictable. A great review though! :)

    1. Exactly, her mum and gran are afraid of her going into the woods because she nearly died there, yet she goes skipping at every opportunity.