Saturday, 9 February 2013

Review of First

The Seven Wicked: First
By C.M. Stunich


That's just the First," Caleb said, pausing to worry at his lower lip. “And it's only one of seven, Seven Wicked; we can't destroy any of the others until we destroy the First.”

When reincarnated goddess, Eevee Marx, sees the necklace at her local thrift store, she just has to have it. But Eevee has no idea that when she drapes the delicate, silver links over her fingers, she is continuing a legend her spirit had started centuries ago. That when she unhooks the tiny clasp and lays the black and silver pendant against her chest, she will spend the night of her seventeenth birthday holding the dying body of the boy she loves.

The Seven Wicked have been sleeping, preparing for Eevee to touch the necklace and reawaken the powers inside of her. Now, the only thing that stands between them is Caleb, the golden haired boy who will sacrifice himself to save her.

Source: Goodreads

My Rating: 4.5/5
My Thoughts:

Loved it. Sometimes, I read a book with the most complex plot, the most intricately described characters and written beautifully yet I will only give them 4/5 stars. At other times, I will read something simpler, not as detailed, but characters that I fall in love with, a story that I don’t want to end and I am happy to say that C.M. Stunich’s ‘The Seven Wicked: First’ is one of the latter books.

I absolutely loved it. So much so, that I went to sleep reading it and woke up completing it. I probably would have given it a 4/5 if Caleb stayed dead! At almost every chapter I was reminded that Caleb was going to die and at one point I wanted to stop reading the book because I didn’t want Caleb to die. But thank goodness for CM Stunich’s generosity and the weird rule!

Eevee is an adorable 16, going on 17 girl, sweet yet has her temper tantrum moments, and rather clumsy. I enjoyed reading the story through her perspective because she was so real. Not the perfect little princess who gets everything right, realises and declares her love immediately. Oh no. Eevee is kind of geeky, has normal thoughts and doubts about herself and is very down to earth. Plus, I love the name.

I was a little confused about the seven wicked, the grotesque monsters of the story, but I’m assuming the next book will help clarify things. And rest assured, I will continue with this series!

*I received a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Zed (:

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