Thursday, 13 June 2013

Novella #2 review

Here's my second novella review!

Bark: Origins of a Superhero

By Daniel Peyton


In a world where superheroes are more common and dangers to society more extreme, Joshua Henderson faces a new reality when he is transformed by an evil scientist into half dog half man. With only tiny shreds of his memory intact and communication reduced to barking, Josh takes refuge with the United League of Heroes.

Just when things seem to be getting normal for Josh, now known as Bark, an opportunity of restoring his human life presents itself. Will Bark leave the superhero life behind and return to the world he once loved? In this comic book style world; espionage, action, adventure, romance, and humor tell the story of Bark and his beginnings as a Superhero.                

Source: Smashwords

My rating: 3.75/5
My Thoughts:
When I began reading this novella I could not help but be reminded of a TV series I watch which has a similar concept of Altering a persons DNA in order to create a superhuman. However the similarities began and ended there. In this story we see how Joshua Henderson's identity transforms as a result of an experiment forced upon him. 
Joshua becomes a dog like human who can no longer speak but only barks, hence his nickname 'Bark'. Hidden from the world,  he becomes part of a superhuman team to secure the safety of others. 
This novella is Bark's journey in realising that despite his outward change, he can still use his super strength and quick reflexes to help others. 
The ending was slightly unrealistic since Bark and Frost fall in love: I'm not quite sure how that will work out considering he can only communicate in barks and woofs. 
I thought the story began with more narrative than I would have liked but as it was a novella, this did not bother me too much. Overall a light, interesting read. (:
Favourite Quotes:
Looking into her quivering eyes, his wish to speak again had never been stronger than it was at that moment. But fate is a funny, fickle thing, taking what it wants and leaving what you don't expect.

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