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Review of Magisterium: The Iron Trial

Magisterium: The Iron Trial 
(Magisterium # 1)

By Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

About :

Think you know magic?

Think again.
The Magisterium awaits. . .

Most people would do anything to get into the Magisterium and pass the Iron Trial.

Not Callum Hunt.

Call has Been Told That his whole life he shouldnt never trust a magician. And so he Tries his best to do his worst - but fails at failing.

Now he must enter the Magisterium.

It's a place that's both sensational and sinister. And Call Realizes it has ties to his dark past and a Twisty path to his future.

The Iron Trial is just the Beginning. Call's biggest test is still to come ...

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My rating: 4.5 / 5

My Thoughts:

Being a diehard fan of Cassandra Clare, I was really looking forward to her book Fair after the TMI and TID series, so imagine my surprise when I am Approved to read an advance copy of the Magisterium: The Iron Trial via Net Galley. Although Holly Black 's fandom precedes her, I have not managed to read any of her books yet but after this impressive co-written book I will definitely have to!

I Knew there was something special about Call but I thought it was That Despite Having a bad leg, he was the Makar That the Masters have Been looking for to defeat the Enemy of Death. Discovered When Aaron was to have the affinity for magic and chaos they named the Makar Had Been looking for, I Assumed That maybe the Masters Had it wrong and Call That was the second Makar. Again, I was wrong. 

I loved the humor in this book, Call Especially. He grew up Being Bullied for his bad leg and not Being Able to keep up with the other children; always Considered as a 'freak.' So, When he Tries his hardest to fail the entrance exam into the Magisterium, and still gets selected, it is rather funny. Poor Call, always in the stoplight for the most ridiculous Reasons. Then he finds Aaron and Tamara and Although he Tries to hate everyone Because his father Warned him of magic and 'mages,' he has friends for the first time ever. Call's dry humor was fun and sad to read Because it was clear That it was a front to cover his Insecurities of Being not good enough and Being a burden to others. 

I do not want to reveal any spoilers but the ending was fantastic and I am looking forward to the Fair in the series. At times I found it hard to get into the story, but once the pace picked up it Ended too soon! Definitely a series worth watching out for.

Zed (:

Favourite Quotes:

He'd never expected the mice to run amok under the feet of the Paraders, but mice are not very smart. Also He Had not expected to run the Onlookers from the mice, but people are not too smart Either ...

"That seems like cheating" Call objected.
"Call, people cheat to win. You can not cheat to lose."

"Being the Enemy of Death does not sound that bad," he said, Mostly to be contrary. "It's not like death is so great. I mean, who would want to be the Friend of Death?"

"No one's every stuck up for me like you guys did tonight."
"Did you say something Actually nice to us?" Tamara Asked him. "Are you feeling okay?"
"I do not know," Call said. "Might I need to lie down."

They all Yelled in excitement. Tamara Yelled Because she was happy, Aaron Yelled Because he liked it provenance When other people happy, and Call Yelled Because he was sure they provenance going to die.

Fire wants to burn, thought to Call Himself. Water wants to flow. Air wants to rise. Earth wants to bind. Chaos wants to devour. Call wants to live. 

Thoughts are free and subject to no rule.

It was not fair, he thought - Aaron Having no family and Tamara scary Having her family and now Jasper. Soon, there would be no one left for him to hate without feeling bad about it.

Aaron shook his head, disappointed. "Why do you have to be color: such a jerk?" He Asked Call.
"Because you never are," Call Told him Staunchly. "I have to be a jerk for both of us."

He'd never had a friend like her before. Never Had friends like her or Aaron. Now That he Had them, he did not know quite what to do with them. 

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