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Review of Sennar's Mission

Sennar's Mission

(Chronicles of the Overworld #2)

By Licia Trosi


In book two of the bestselling Chronicles of the Overworld trilogy, Nihal and Sennar forge ahead on their quest

Nihal joins the most prestigious chivalric order of the Overworld: the Dragon Knights. Sent to complete her training, she finds herself up against a determined and valiant gnome, an Oarf named Ido. The encounter shakes Nihal’s certainties; suddenly, she realizes that there are those who fight for higher ideals than mere revenge. At the same time, she is forced to face her shadowy past and solve the mystery of a stone that seems to have tremendous power.

Meanwhile, Sennar is promoted to the Council of Sorcerers, which leads the resistance against the Tyrant in the lands that are still free. Sennar is sent to the Underworld, a watery realm about which very little is known, to request military aid. It is an almost hopeless mission. Together, Nihal and Sennar must try their hardest to emerge victorious.

Source: Netgalley

Rating: 4.4/5

My Thoughts:

Sennar's Mission was a lot darker than the first book in this series, which is understandable given that the Tyrant is quickly gaining control of the Free Lands. We see Sennar's mission to the underworld, where he tries to gather reinforcements for the war. On the other hand, Nihal is out on the front of the battle, fighting against the enemy with her dragon and her tutor beside her. 

We learn more about Nihal's past and her internal struggle with wanting revenge for her people, the elves, who were massacred by the Tyrant. There is no doubt that Nihal is a heroine, and a strong warrior, but I enjoyed learning how she struggles with fighting for right against fighting for revenge. There are times when the darkness of killing is about to consume her but somehow she,  or someone close to her, always pulls her out.

From the ending I can tell that the journey ahead will be difficult for Nihal, but at the same time I do hope Sennar will accompany her because the story always reads so much better when they are together!

This book was harder to get into than the first, and I think it was probably because Nihal's journey is more interesting to read than Sennar's, but once I was into it the story was addictive.

Zed (: 

Favourite Quotes:

“Running away accomplishes nothing, Laio,” Nihal said quietly. “Your problems will follow you to the edge of the earth.”

“Life is short, and you only get one. To waste it for the sake of someone else makes no sense at all. I do only the things I want to do. I want to feel joy, pain, passion, despair...everything. Because I know that when death comes to carry me off, the life I’ve lived will be the only thing I have.”

“You’ve come to a turning point in your search for the truth, Nihal. But the truth is a dreadful gift.”

“...One day this will all be over, Nihal.”
“I don’t know if I believe that anymore,” she muttered.
“But you must, Nihal. Hope is the only thing we have left.”

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