Monday, 31 December 2012

Last post for 2012

Let's hope for a happier and harmonius 2013...

Hello dearest readers,

It is the final day of 2012 and I say: thank the Lord it's almost over. Ok, this year wasn't completely terrible and I guess it could have gone much worse but it was too exhausting, nightmarish and way too much drama, even for my standards.

I have finished reading one book, and am still listening to an audiobook.
Current book list:
The Alchemyst by Michael Scott read by Denis O'Hare.
One of my friends once recommended that I read a book called the alchemist. Now, I am not sure if this is the same book he spoke about but I needed to add an ebook onto my ipod before work and I found this in the online e-library.

Surprisingly, it is quite interesting and I like the reader's voice too, which always helps. I think the book is aimed at the young adult/teens 12-14 year olds but I am enjoying it. I wanted to learn more about alchemy ever since reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and also due to Sydney from the Vampire Academy series since she too is an alchemist.

I'm not quite sure how far into the book I am yet because my ipod seems to trip back to previous chapters for no apparent reason but I should be done in the first week of the new year!

Second Chance Grill by Christine Nolfi
*Spoiler alert*
I did not think I would be able to complete this book in 2012 since I was only 42% through yesterday but as my mummy had an endoscopy appointment today, I found some time to read in the hospital waiting room. This was kind of ironic considering the latter part of the book takes place in a hospital.
I found this an adorable read, it was cute, entertaining and truly heartwarming; a book packed with emotions.
The story begins with a young doctor taking a sabbatical from her medical career by setting up the restaurant that her aunt had left her. Mary is re-opening the restaurant diner to keep herself busy and help herself overcome the loss of her bestfriend and almost-sister Sadie, who died in an accident. 
I enjoyed reading about Mary because she sounded genuine, with her attempts to fit into this new town that did not trust her, especially since her cook had given half the town food poisoning on opening day! Mary has her own battles between following her heart or standing by her responsibilities.
And in enters Blossom, an 11 year old girl who is mentally older than her years. Blossom's mother left her when she was very young so her  Italian father, Anthony, brought her up. The father-daughter relationship is fun to read as there are times when Anthony isn't sure how to react with his daughter's adolescent behaviour.
I felt very connected to Blossom. Her mischievious ways and snarky yet adoring comments could charm anyone and she won my affection entirely. Blossom tries to set her dad up with Mary for her dad and herself since she does not have a mother.
The growing friendship and love between the two felt very real and touched me. Mary's feeling of hopelessness when cancer attacks Blossom again almost made me cry. Almost.

Overall a touching and delightful read!

Some of my favourite quotes from this book:
"That was cool how you picked the lock. Where'd you learn breaking and entering? Is there an online class?" (BLossom to her best friend Tyler)
"Anthony was old enough to have seen death up close. He’d lost his grandparents, an uncle, two friends. The human body wasn’t built on forevers; the heart clogged and slowed, and muscles grew frail and weak. Age happened to us all, and he’d donned grief every time a loved one breathed the last. Yet for Blossom, death was an error. She risked being taken out of turn."
Happy New Year!
Zed (:
Note: There are some intimate moments between Anthony and Mary that will
not be suitable for younger children.


  1. Enjoyed your reviews of the books. Have to put them on my ever longer TBR list. So many books and not enough time.

  2. Hey Elise. Thank you for leaving a comment. I know exactly how you feel. I have so many books I want to read and every day the list keeps growing! Hope you are having a lovely new year!