Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review of Silenced

A book that hits home

Morning all, If you saw me previous post (which I know you all did considering how loyal you followers are), then you will have read a snapshot of the book I’m helping to promote for a friend-author; Raebeth Buda.

Raebeth sent me an e-copy of Silenced for an honest review and I have been swamped with work, other books that I have promised to read and review, and Christmas that I only began reading Silenced yesterday morning before heading to work.

I finished reading the book in a surprisingly short amount of time since I began it yesterday morning before heading to work and completed it yesterday evening after work! I couldn’t help it, Silenced wouldn’t let me go.

Whilst at work my mind kept drifting to Amber’s problem with control and her addiction to cutting. We see so many books on bullies, drugs, drink issues and so on but there are very few books around (that I have read) about issues like dealing with control, for example by causing pain or eating disorders.

Silenced is so well written, full of emotion and hurt yet it’s all relatable so it doesn’t feel like this could never happen to you or me. Amber could be any teenager suffering from a variety of family, friend and fitting-in problems but it’s her thought process and the way she deals with her problems that make Silenced unique.

It ends with a cliff-hanger and providing I still write this blog when the sequel is released, you will find the review here because there is no way I can forget this great read.

I’m not usually at a loss for words but I don’t know how to write a review that does justice to what I have read and so I will stop here.

The only thing I will say is please read Silenced by Raebeth IS worth it...

Zed (:
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