Friday, 21 December 2012

skinny review

The inner voice that we all have inside us...
By Donna Cooner


Incredible! I listened to the audiobook on my drive to and from work (since the 4th HP audiobook was unavailable from my library) and I love it.

Ever is a big girl, weighing over 300 pounds and has a 'goth tinkerbell' always whispering thoughts into her ear about what other people think about her, making her question everything from her best friend Rat to her father...

The book is about her journey when she undertakes surgery to reduce her weight.. But the surgery doesn't make the voice go away.

Ever learns who she really is and begins to see other people from under their outwardly appearances.

Like she says, Cinderella wasn't always good and the stepsister wasn't all bad.

Brilliant book- highly recommended!

Zed (:

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