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City of Bones Read-A-Long

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I'm participating in The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Read-A-Long via Ramblings of a Book Junkie and today is day 11.

Chapter 11 Recap "Magnus Bane:"

This chapter is where the Shadowhunters team go out to eat at a diner, but like everything else in this book, it's not an ordinary diner, it's a diner for werewolves, kelpies, warlocks, faeries and of course Shadowhunters. Whilst at the diner Alec, Izzy, Simon, Jace and Clary discuss Magnus Bane, the name that came from CLary's head when the Silent Brothers 'interrogated' her brain, who he could be and where they could find him. We also get to see an interesting discussion of how Downworlders are seen by the Shadowhunters, and I like how Clary summarises this.

"So, they're good enough to let live, good enough to make food for you, good enough to flirt with- but not really good enough? I mean, not as good as people."

Whilst they're thinking about Magnus Bane, Izzy surprises everyone by showing them a party invitation for a party being hosted in Brooklyn by Magnus the Magnificent Warlock and the team decide to crash the party to find out if this is the same Magnus who could give Clary her answers.

In this chapter, Clary also gets to see a picture of Valentine and the Clave. Jace tells Clary about his father and how he taught him that "to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed."

Favourite Clary quotes:
Clary turned instant traitor against her gender. "Those girls on the other side of the car are staring at you."
Jace assumed an air of mellow gratification. "Of course they are," he said. "I am stunningly attractive."
"Haven't you ever heard that modesty is an attractive trait?"
"Only from ugly people," Jace confided. "The meek may inherit the earth, but at the moment it it belongs to the conceited. Like me" He winked at the girls,  who giggled and hid behind their hair.
(City of Bones)

"You stole my memories," Clary said. "You took them away from me. You took away who I was."
"That's not who you are!" Jocelyn cried, "I never wanted it to be who you were-"
"It doesn't matter what you wanted!" Clary shouted, "It is who I am! You took all that away from me and it didn't belong to you!"

(City of Glass)

By the time she came back to the training room, Isabelle and Jace had left the topic of dead Shadowhunters behind and had moved on to something Jace apparently found even more horrifying - Isabelle's date with Simon. "I can't believe he took you to an actual restaurant." Jace was on his feet now, putting away the floor mats and training gear while Isabelle leaned against the wall and played with her new gloves. "I assumed his idea of a date would be making you watch him play World of Warcraft with his nerd friends."
"I," Clary pointed out, "am one of his nerd friends, thank you."

(City of Fallen Angels)

"Take it," Clary said, looking at Jace. "Take it and kill either her or me. It's your choice."
Slowly Jace bent down and picked up the knife.

(City of Fallen Angels)

That was the problem with knowing someone so well, she thought. It was very hard to pretend around them, or to ignore it when they were pretending, even when it would be easier.
(City of Lost Souls)

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